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So many reasons to love spinmybowtie.

OMG Here’s another 2 year old post hidden in the depths of my likes!
Glad to see that I haven’t changed a bit! :D

I love you both so much



So many reasons to love spinmybowtie.

OMG Here’s another 2 year old post hidden in the depths of my likes!

Glad to see that I haven’t changed a bit! :D

I love you both so much

Fic: Hold


Post ep for 5.16, approx 2700 words, NC-17 for sex and exceptionally vanilla sort of bondage,


This was partly chiasmuslovesme's fault



Kurt thought they’d done the hard part. They’d lived through a whole ice age of separation, with no promise of ever holding one another again. Then the world thawed.

Now they’re together in New York and they’re starting on a future they dreamed of at seventeen. These days should still be their endless summer - all ease and air, all sex and dancing around the loft in their underwear. Kurt doesn’t want to talk about claustrophobia and boundaries, about violence and about fear. He certainly doesn’t want to live through them. He should be able to open his eyes every morning and only see sunlight, and music, and Blaine stretching out in front of him for the whole day.

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modern au where the Capulets and Montagues decide to settle their differences once and for all at Family Feud

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catyuy asked: Blaine is a bad liar prompt: How Kurt figured out Blaine was planning to propose


in the end, it wasn’t the suit that gave it away, though that gave Kurt a cue on how to dress for the occasion. It wasn’t the secret phone calls that kept taking Blaine away from their date nights, or the receipt for 1000 rose petals that Kurt found in on the floor of Blaine’s car. 

It was the fact that Burt stopped questioning Blaine about anything. Moreover, Burt wouldn’t let Kurt question Blaine about anything, either. 

There was the time that Blaine mentioned in passing having visited Dalton recently. 

"What were you doing at Dalton?" Kurt asked, tilting his head in the way he knew he did when he was perplexed and a little unhappy with what he was hearing. Blaine’s face turned red as his mouth dropped open, working over silent syllables.

"A guy has a right to go out for a drive, Kurt," Burt said loudly. "You don’t have to interrogate the poor guy."

"I’m not interrogating," Kurt said, turning to his father in confusion. "I just asked—"

"Yeah, well, he said, didn’t he?" Burt said. "Now how about some ice cream."

"You can’t have ice cream, Dad," Kurt said, and soon they were off on the topic of acceptable desserts. 

It wasn’t until after the desserts had been eaten and Blaine had gone home for the night that Kurt realized that his dad had used his own diversion techniques against him.

Then there were the myriad number of phone calls Blaine kept receiving. 

"I just don’t know who you’re talking to all the time," Kurt said, and Blaine’s eyebrows began to crumple in the way they always did before he confessed something. 

"Blaine, I need you in here!" Burt called suddenly. "There is something very important happening in a sports thing."

"I’ll be right there!" Blaine said, looking terribly, terribly relieved. "Sorry, Kurt. It’s a sports thing."

"Uh huh," Kurt said, crossing his arms as Blaine bolted from the room. 

All of that was enough to tell Kurt that something was going on, and that both Blaine and his dad were in on it. But it wasn’t until Blaine asked Kurt what he thought the most romantic song of all time was that Kurt put all the pieces together.

"All You Need is Love," Kurt replied. "Why, you planning on using that to propose to me?"

Blaine’s eyes widened. “Look, a cockroach!” Burt hollered, running into  the room and shoving the two boys apart. 

"Dad!" Kurt shrieked. "Do not even joke about that."

"Oh, my mistake," Burt said, grabbing Blaine’s shoulder. "It was just a feather."

"What?" Kurt said, frowning.

"I mean, a shadow," Burt said. "Now I’m gonna take Blaine here, and we’re gonna go outside for a while because that is a thing that we do sometimes."

"Okay," Kurt said, and watched as they walked out the door.

Blaine was going to propose to him, Kurt realized. And soon, he hoped—before the two most important men in his life lost their minds any more than they already had.


you can totally tell chris is trying so hard not to laugh omfg

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And I know we’ve said some variation on this a million times but… he’s so BLAINE in this moment. Every movement of his face says BLAINE, not Darren. I love it.

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Klaine + Making out

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